The Beyond Human Method is about going beyond your limitations and limited thinking to create, have, live and be whatever you want for this life.

"This is a revolutionary course. If you aren’t ready for something that will absolutely transform your life, do NOT do this program!

Tamara’s laser coaching actually helps you create the lasting change that STICKS.

The evidence is here in the trainings where you see everyone’s lives being completely transformed." 
Denielle J.
"I’m now making 4 times as much money as I did when I started the course. I live in a beautiful house, in a fabulous neighborhood and my retirement accounts are fully funded. I’ve been successfully shifting money energy with my fiancee and we are aligned and in partnership creating wealth together. Because of this, he's more than doubled his income, making more money than he’s ever made." 
Gayle G.
Business Owner
"I came to this course looking for help to grow my business exponentially. I found that... and so much more.

At the time I was COMPLETELY closed off to relationships. After 2 dysfunctional marriages and being a single mom of three young kids, I didn't trust myself, I didn't want to take the time and I was plain scared of relationships.

Tamara led me to trust - in every area of my life - and to use my intuition and other tools. I immediately and easily met the man who is now the love of my life." 
Gwyneth S.
business Owner
"I feel like I have been looking for this course my whole life! I've seen therapists in the past - and while they have been helpful - The Beyond Human Method is the next step for me.  At times it might feel uncomfortable, but what once seemed impossible to make happen in my life, I now see as completely possible." 
Tara S.
Yoga Instructor
"Loved working with you for 3 years! You changed my whole perspective on life and what is possible. You've helped me be a masterful manifestor, and I practice your teachings every day. I've manifested my husband, my twins, my business partner, my home, and happiness. Thank you!!"
Bianca B.
Business owner
"I have a MA in clinical psychology, own/operate a successful business, and I’ve never met anyone as skilled at digging to root causes buried in the human psyche and articulating them in a comprehensible manner" 
Matt M.
Business Owner
"Before I started working with The Beyond Human Method, I knew I needed a lot of change. I didn’t like my job, my relationship with my partner was full of friction, and I needed to do things different than I had EVER done before. If I kept doing the same old thing, I was going to keep getting the same results. I was curious if I not only changed my perception, but got RID of my perception entirely. Now after 3 years, I’ve moved through my divorce, found a new job that I love, and created a completely new life with my kids and co-parent. I feel fulfilled and balanced, like there is magic happening everyday."
Arthur Drain

Who We Are

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Here at the Beyond Human Method, our vision is to eliminate human limitations and expand consciousness on the planet - for all people, everywhere. We've created specialized programs to move people through the most common limitations - such as time, money, and burnout - to step into their power and expand life BEYOND what they ever thought possible. 

All of our courses are curated as an individualized approach with scientific and spiritual principles in mind. 

The Founder: Tamara Rose

During the last 15 years, Tamara has mastered over 53 growth and development programs investing $150K in her skill set as a coach.  Her studies have included ontology, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, multiple spiritual practices/teachings and a variety of hands on healing modalities and techniques. 

Understanding these principles is one thing, but Tamara's skill and potency lies in her ability to apply them to her life and guide others to do the same.  As a single mom, juggling a full life and a successful business, THIS PROVEN METHODOLOGY is the reason she has cultivated a work life balance most never find.  Those closest to her will tell you how calm, centered, and aligned she is with anything that may happen around her. 

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What Makes Us Different?

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Most development courses focus on mindset, limiting beliefs, and accountability coaching.  While these techniques may work sporadically, we've found that consistent change happens when one cultivates a profound awareness of one's thoughts, feelings, and actions. We’ve found that clients who do this, while also examining the choices they make, attain life-changing levels of success in their personal and professional lives. We have guided thousands to make big changes, create thriving businesses, cultivate deeply fulfilling relationships, receive more money, and find ease and fulfillment they previously didn't think possible.
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