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Learning The Beyond Human Method

What's included?

12 Training Modules to move you BEYOND HUMAN

36 LIVE SESSIONS with Tamara Rose to receive personalize support 

24 Private Coaching Sessions with a trained and certified coach

Community of Beyond Human students creating deeper connections

Access to 1 year (36) past LIVE SESSIONS with Tamara Rose 

Meet Founder of The Beyond Human Method 
Tamara Rose

Founder and Creator of the Beyond Human Method
Over the last 15 years Tamara has dedicated her life to the studies of Ontology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, the scientific principles of hands on healing techniques, the intricate applications of meditation's effects on the brain,  and the chromosomal innate behaviors of male and female dynamics. 

Tamara's obsession to move beyond the human realm has lead her to study under and train with enlightened masters worldwide.

They say mastery happens at 10,000 hours of practice... With over 20,000 hours as facilitator, coach, and guide to others, Tamara has influenced thousands of people world wide to create real, LASTING change in their lives!

If there was a study for this type of education, Tamara would have a few Doctorate Degrees!
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