Tamara Rose
23 November, 2023

The Power of Making Your Bed Every Morning

Have you ever heard the saying, "Start your day by making your bed"? It turns out there's more to this age-old wisdom than meets the eye. While it may seem like a small and inconsequential task, making your bed in the morning can have a profound impact on your day, setting you up for success in a scientifically proven way. Let's explore the science behind this daily ritual and how it can kickstart your day for the better.

A Sense of Accomplishment:

The act of making your bed is a small, achievable task that sets a positive tone for the day. The "Nature Neuroscience" journal highlights that accomplishing even minor goals, like making your bed, triggers the release of dopamine. This neurotransmitter is associated with feelings of motivation and reward. By experiencing a sense of achievement right at the start of your day, you're more likely to stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

Reduces Stress:

According to the American Psychological Association, a cluttered and disorganized environment can lead to increased stress levels. When you make your bed, you create a clean and organized space in your bedroom. This visual orderliness can help reduce feelings of anxiety and create a calmer atmosphere, as reported in the journal "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin."

Better Sleep Quality:

Studies have shown that people who make their beds tend to get better sleep. In a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, respondents who made their beds daily were 19% more likely to report getting a good night's sleep on a regular basis. A well-made bed can also lead to better sleep hygiene, creating a more inviting and comfortable sleep environment.


Incorporating the habit of making our bed in the morning can have a significant positive impact on our day, and the science supports it. We get an immediate boost of accomplishment, a reduction in stress, better sleep quality, enhanced productivity, and an established new routine. Let's practice together and see how this simple ritual can transform our life!
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