Master the Methodology that WILL change your life forever!

This program was created so that high achievers and seekers, like you, don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, traveling around the world, learning how to access higher states of consciousness, the secrets to LIVING BEYOND HUMAN LIMITATIONS.
In athletics, they are the elite. In finance, they are the rich.  And, in health, they're the healed.
We all know those who have moved beyond human limitations to attain the unimaginable.

They aren't unique, they aren't special, they simply wanted more, and in doing so, accessed the part of themselves that exists beyond our taught human limitation.

What would you change if you actually lived without your learned limitations, in EVERY AREA of your life?
The answer... ANYTHING you want!

This proven methodology has been curated over 13+ years, influenced by scientific and spiritual teachings/practices from around the world and integrated and studied by thousands globally.

What if within just one year you dissolve your inherited limitations forever? 

Would you say yes?

women celebrating wins a with self mastery course

1,000 +

Clients/customers WorldWide
— Your next step...

Creating THE CHANGE in EVERY AREA of your life!

Hundreds of people have...

  • Accessed Deeper Consciousness and Mastered their MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT
  • Cultivated a DEEPER SPIRITUAL Connection with Themselves
  • Began experiencing more MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS
  • Created MORE MONEY, and Advanced their Careers, Businesses and Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • Manifested their DEEPEST DESIRES
  • Live in a state of fulfillment most only seek.

How'd they get there? 

Everyone says they want IT ALL, but when it comes to being uncomfortable... Status quo often wins.
The people who are beyond successful and totally fulfilled in life are people who ARE MORE interested in change than their comfort zone, because they know that comfort breeds complacency.
If you are willing to be uncomfortable to make the choices that will change your life so you can LIVE FREE... Then all I have to say is: 
Welcome home, my friend!  You are in the EXACT RIGHT PLACE!

— yOur Vision

You'll learn how to apply this methodology to EVERY area of your life to create the change you desire most.

So what do you want?

Connected and HEALED Relationships

Most of us want great partnerships, a significant other that loves us and the opportunity to experience DEEPLY SATISFYING LOVE just the way you desire it.  The issue is not in the want or in the desire, but in the experiences of our past that keep us choosing the same relationship over and over... Break the cycle and HEAL all the areas of your heart once and for all!

Expanded Consciousness Living FREE

Your life, your path, your purpose, and your desires; why you are here and what you are here to do?  The answer to this question can be one of the most revolutionary discoveries you will ever have in your life.  
And to be on that path you must uncover your truest nature and heal from your past... this is how you will master your destiny.  


 Moving beyond the limitations of money, how it comes to you, how much you make and being more in a receiving mode is just the beginning.  You'll deep dive into a space of clearing all your limitations once and for all so that you can be in full partnership with everyone and everything that wants to contribute to you, so you can finally live a life with out limitations.

"In the last 3 months, I brought in the annual income I made all last year"

-Melissa Ternes-
Wealth Coach
"I've read the books, taken the courses, gotten the certifications, and done tons of work with clients around money. Tamara's philosophy is like nothing I've seen anywhere, ever. Her approach is simple to put into practice and yields results that last!

In the last 3 months, I brought in the ANNUAL INCOME I made all last year AND worked way less! There are tons of people that will teach you strategy and mindset, but Tamara trains you in energetics at a deep and transformational level!"
— Level up

Designed with YOU and your LIFE in mind

This 12-month program has been designed for you to LEARN, INTEGRATE AND LIVE The Beyond Human Method without leaving your home or committing 49 days under a fig tree to attain enlightenment like the Buddha did.

Your life is full of commitments and responsibilities and finding your path and truth, should be ease filled and simple.  This methodology allows you to integrate these teachings and principles by moving through 3 phases. 
Phase 1: 
foundation and Learning

Your current life is built on limitations.  Limitations of TIME, MONEY, SCARCITY, and SEPARATION.  You believe these limitations are TRUE and REAL.  So for us to be successful you'll need to cultivate a new foundation of living.  The Foundation for living BEYOND HUMAN.

This begins with honoring your morning practice, learning and then applying the methodology to your daily life.
phase 2:
Living and Integrating the method

Learning something is different from integrating that thing into your life.  To LIVE Beyond Human, you will look at the areas of life that are important to you and then apply the principles and make the changes necessary what you want most. 

During this phase constant application of the teachings, practices and methodology is the goal.  The closer you get to this, the closer you get to LIVING the METHODOLOGY.
Phase 3:
Mastering the Methodology

Sure, you'll be changing and choosing new things along the way in your journey.  However, the biggest revelation comes when you no longer have to think about the distinctions, but they instead become where you function from.   

When you can look around to every area of your life and see HOW everything is flowing exactly the way you want.  Money and time are abundant, your health is top notch, your relationships are thriving and you're fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams!

Reduced Anxiety


Increased Happiness

Increased Abundance

Read. Watch. Learn... MASTER

According to research, we remember only 10% of what we READ, 20% of what we HEAR, 30% of what we SEE, but 50% of what we HEAR and SEE.

Hence, we provide you with a comprehensive way to integrate and learn the methodology to find what works best for you. 

Our video-based learning enhances your memory and provides a replenished zenith in terms of learning and retention.
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We've been training coaches for years, and require that each coach must complete the program and be certified to guide others before they work with you.  They've had over 3 years of training with the founder and continue to while they work with you!  They've:
  • Healed their past.
  • Changed their own lives.
  • Are living FREE of Limitations.
  • Know what it takes to LIVE Beyond Human.
  • AND, know how to guide you to the same!
You'll receive 2 private sessions each month during your course so you can deep dive into the distinctions of the program, receive support healing and clearing whatever limitations maybe in your way, OR simply focus on that ONE thing you want more than anything.  These session are personal and highly intuitive, so use them as you'd like. 

As a bonus our coaches also host weekly Saturday calls to "Master the Modules".  During these group sessions you'll be-able to deep dive into a topic, receive personalized facilitation, and/or connect with the community as a whole. 

The support you need to Activate, Cultivate and Live Newly

— A team that has your back —

meet your trained & certified
Beyond Human coaches

Erin Jansen

Ronnie Calla


Collective Training Hours | 

"I never have to compromise, I’m completely supported in what I’m doing 100% of the time"

-Gayle Goldman-
Business Owner
"I’m in a relationship and getting married. I’m adored, cherished, desired and loved. Before the program, I wanted a relationship and had given up. I would compromise what I wanted just to be with somebody, and my normal MO would be to chase partnership and commitment. Now I’m with someone who is 100% committed to me, us, and our relationship. 

In this amazing partnership, I never have to compromise, I’m completely supported in what I’m doing 100% of the time, and the best part is I don’t have to do anything to have my partner generate. He generates doing things with me, for me, and for us.  

Not only is he interested in growth, but he also takes it on himself… It’s awesome, easy, and EASE-FILLED! 

Apply to schedule a call to see if living beyond human is a fit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Beyond Human Expert: Tamara Rose

The beyond human method and your training program is not a job for me.

It is my legacy...  My life's work... My passion!

When you say yes to a course like this, not only will I work with you, I will KNOW YOU, I will guide you, and I will pour everything into you LIVING the BEYOND HUMAN METHOD and accessing your own Mastery.  

Join me for the LIVE SESSIONS 3-times per month or listen to the recordings.  These sessions bring new distinction and illumination to the potency of the course and ensure you are on track to attain that which you desire most.  

I will be your fiercest advocate showing you the way to your BEYOND HUMAN LIFE!
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” 
– Oscar Wilde

"I had no idea I would just step into a new life as a new person. "

-Regina Sooey-
Real Estate Agent
"When I signed up I knew that I'd receive something of value, I'd learn, I'd enjoy working on myself and my life would improve. I had no idea I would just step into a new life as a new person. 

This stuff is not total BS...

It really exists, and is accessible to anyone. I am becoming one of those annoying happy, excited infinite beings who can do anything I choose for my life. I want to be around more of those annoying perfect people and create with them. I don't need the problems or problematic people to be relatable or to feel like I am overcoming something.

Wow, just wow!!!!!!"

Apply to schedule a call to see if living beyond human is a fit for you!

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