Activating Your EASE and FLOW!

You've been patterned to DO IT ALL in order to have it all.  You're tired, overworked and Dare I say, burned out!  It's time to reclaim your energy, your power, and your life!
When was the last time you saw a woman Have it ALL?
Was she frazzled, burnedout, and trying to do it all?  I mean I can't say we have too many women show us the path to having it all with ease, grace and harmony...  And because of this, we'd rather opt-out then say yes to anything else, or make any changes.

But wouldn't you LOVE to make more money, have a great relationship and connected family life, AND experience the career success you desire while feeling BALANCE and in control?
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The world is changing...

As our mothers paved the way for us to have more rights, we've been caught in a catch-22 where we have to do more to have more.  We've lost ourselves in the process. 

Our schedules are full, we run on coffee and wine, and experience interludes of late night scrolling to get us through. 

Self-care is sold as manis and pedis and if were being honest what you'd really love is the chance to slip off to a beach and forget the world for a week or two.

How'd We Get Here?

The current frame work we live in and work in was created by men to serve men.  Women have only had the right to own property and have their own bank account WITH OUT A MAN for the last 50 years.  Your grandmothers and mother were most likely dependent on men for their own survival, and while it would be nice to think that we are nothing like our mothers or grandmothers, deep down you know that is NOT the case. 

Our DNA hold the patterns from our mothers and grandmothers.  We are patterned to...


You notice the patterns.  You talk about the patterns.  You try to set better boundaries so you don't have to deal with the patterns, but it doesn't change the fact that they are there, running your life. 

To make a REAL change, we'd have to change the patterns, change the frame work... change the foundation! 

The good news... I've been exactly where you are, and there IS A BETTER WAY!  

Exhausted, juggling the balls, hoping I don't drop one.  Trying to be everything to everyone.  Having all the answers and taking care of everyone around me.  

I ate last, went to sleep last and peed just before I popped. 

I was exhausted, burned out, and ready to throw in the towel.  I honestly didn't know how it could be any other way, because I was living in the FRAME WORK where I was always tended to last.  

Now you may be thinking... "Okay, I'll just put myself first."  I know this isn't the first time you've thought of this... so how's that thought working out for you? :) 

It's probably not, because you need a new foundation of living!  
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The Founder: Tamara Rose

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During the last 15 years, Tamara has mastered over 53 growth and development programs investing $150K in her skill set as a coach.  Her studies have included ontology, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, multiple spiritual practices/teachings and a variety of hands on healing modalities and techniques. 

Understanding these principles is one thing, but Tamara's skill and potency lies in her ability to apply them to her life and guide others to do the same.  As a single mom, juggling a full life and a successful business, THIS PROVEN METHODOLOGY is the reason she has cultivated a work life balance most never find.  Those closest to her will tell you how calm, centered, and aligned she is with anything that may happen around her. 

This 5 -month program has been designed for you to create and implement a new foundation of living.  One where you Make the Money, Have the Relationship and family, AND the Career Success while feeling BALANCE and in control of life.

We are here for the change... We are here for YOU!
Pillar 1: 
New Foundation of Living

We know you’re too busy to add one more thing to do. That’s why we're going to create a New Foundation of Living. Your current foundation is set with fight/flight and self-sabotaging patterns. In this framework work you never really get a head or change. This is why you feel stuck. 

You’ll need a new foundation of living. We address that by looking at your personalized patterns, and then resetting your nervous system so that you can FINALLY LIVE Your life.

This program has also been created so that you can learn in your car on your walks and still get the program by listening to recording, and you’ll have a dedicated coach that’s there to guide you the whole way through. 
pillar 2:

The Beyond Human Method is a proven system and methodology created by the founder from over 50+programs and countless scientific and spiritual practices. 

Tamara has worked with 100+ people in her 12-month program from various backgrounds, careers, religious beliefs and political views. Everyone who completed the program gained the results they wanted.  

This holistic approach includes 1-1 support from a trained and certified BHM Coach, Live sessions with the founder, recordings from all calls and trainings, and the methodology delivered to you via audio, video, and written works to aid in how you best learn. 
Pillar 3:
Personalized Limiting Pattern Identification and Release.  

We’ve been trained to MOVE on something, take action or make a decision on those things that are urgent, but not necessarily what’s important. So we leave everything else for later, even those things that are important. We have lots to juggle, problems to fix, and fires to put out. What gets our attention is the house burning down in front of us.

This is just your pattern.  You’ll learn how to release this pattern and your other top 3 personal limiting patterns so that you find fulfillment, a new balance, and a new way of living. A life where EVERYONE’S needs get met and EVERYONE thrives!  

Because even flight attendants will tell you… you need to put your mask on first before you can take care of everyone else.

Reduced Anxiety


Increased Happiness

Increased Abundance

Read. Watch. Learn... MASTER

According to research, we remember only 10% of what we READ, 20% of what we HEAR, 30% of what we SEE, but 50% of what we HEAR and SEE.

Hence, we provide you with a comprehensive way to integrate and learn the methodology to find what works best for you. 

Our video-based learning enhances your memory and provides a replenished zenith in terms of learning and retention.
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Our coaches are certified with over 3 years of training guided by the founder.  They:
  • Have healed their past patterns.
  • Have changed their lives.
  • Are living FREE of Limitations.
  • Know what it takes to LIVE Beyond Human limtations.
  • AND, know how to guide you to the same!
You'll receive 2 private sessions each month during your course so you can deep dive into the distinctions of the program, receive support healing and clearing whatever limitations maybe in your way.  These session are personal and highly intuitive, so use them as you'd like. 

As a bonus our coaches also host weekly Saturday calls to "Master the Modules".  During these group sessions you'll be-able to deep dive into a topic, receive personalized facilitation, and/or connect with the community as a whole. 

The support you need to Activate, Cultivate and Live Newly

— A team that has your back —

Your Trained & Certified
Beyond Human Coaches

Erin Jansen

Ronnie Calla


Collective Training Hours | 

"I never have to compromise, I’m completely supported in what I’m doing 100% of the time"

-Gayle Goldman-
Business Owner
"I’m in a relationship and getting married. I’m adored, cherished, desired and loved. Before the program, I wanted a relationship and had given up. I would compromise what I wanted just to be with somebody, and my normal MO would be to chase partnership and commitment. Now I’m with someone who is 100% committed to me, us, and our relationship. 

In this amazing partnership, I never have to compromise, I’m completely supported in what I’m doing 100% of the time, and the best part is I don’t have to do anything to have my partner generate. He generates doing things with me, for me, and for us.  

Not only is he interested in growth, but he also takes it on himself… It’s awesome, easy, and EASE-FILLED! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Beyond Human Expert: Tamara Rose

The beyond human method and your training program is not a job for me.

It is my legacy...  My life's work... My passion!

When you say yes to a course like this, not only will I work with you, I will KNOW YOU, I will guide you, and I will pour everything into you LIVING the BEYOND HUMAN METHOD and accessing your own Mastery.  

Join me for the LIVE SESSIONS 3-times per month or listen to the recordings.  These sessions bring new distinction and illumination to the potency of the course and ensure you are on track to attain that which you desire most.  

I will be your fiercest advocate showing you the way to your BEYOND HUMAN LIFE!
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” 
– Oscar Wilde

"I had no idea I would just step into a new life as a new person. "

-Regina Sooey-
Real Estate Agent
"When I signed up I knew that I'd receive something of value, I'd learn, I'd enjoy working on myself and my life would improve. I had no idea I would just step into a new life as a new person. 

This stuff is not total BS...

It really exists, and is accessible to anyone. I am becoming one of those annoying happy, excited infinite beings who can do anything I choose for my life. I want to be around more of those annoying perfect people and create with them. I don't need the problems or problematic people to be relatable or to feel like I am overcoming something.

Wow, just wow!!!!!!"
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