Guiding 6-Figure Business Women to Break Free From the Male Influenced Hustle Culture and Re-Discover The Ease & Flow That Is Their Birthright In 5 Months - Or Your Money Back.

Guiding 6-Figure Business Women to Break Free From the Male Influenced Hustle Culture and Re-Discover The Ease & Flow That Is Their Birthright In 5 Months - Or Your Money Back.

Are you ready to experience the Power of Ease? Less Hustle, More Flow👇
Free Session Valued at $150

Who is this for?

This program is specifically designed for high-achieving businesswomen overworked from the demands of success. If you’re struggling with these challenges, you’re in the right place:

☑️ Overwhelmed by Commitments

I’m stretched too thin and too busy to take on one more thing." Sound familiar? This program is designed for your busy lifestyle. Learn during your commutes or walks via recordings, and receive consistent support from your dedicated coach guiding you without overwhelming your schedule.

☑️ Chronically Overworked and Burntout

Are you constantly operating in hustle mode? This fight or flight, self-sabotaging pattern can cause physical and mental exhaustion. Together we’ll reset your foundational behaviors, clear self-destructive patterns, and guide you to a life of ease and flow, where success comes naturally without the constant hustle.

☑️ Resigned to Status Quo

Have you ever said, "This is just the way it is... others could change things, but not me."? The Beyond Human method challenges this resignation by providing tools, techniques, and active support that have transformed many others just like you. You'll see that change is not only possible but achievable for you too.

☑️ Prioritizing Others Over Self

Do you feel like you always have to take care of everyone else first? We’ll help you recalibrate what’s urgent versus what’s important so that you can prioritize your well-being and personal growth. Ensuring that your own needs are met even as you care for those around you.

Originally Valued at $150

What to expect from this program

"My quality of life drastically improved.  I was able to finally get off the energetic roller coaster, and leave behind the overwhelm, and create the consistent energy I needed to reach my next level!"

Gwyneth Spinden - Regional Vice President

"As a recovering workaholic, I feel way more present, calm, confident, and love-centered in my relationships… and like I actually have TIME for my relationships!"

Ronnie Orras - Executive Assistant

"I was feeling overwhelmed by the world and the stresses that come with it. Tending to my nervous system has allowed me to control what I can control and create so much more awareness of my emotions and those around me.  I now have the complete capacity to support my clients in all ways without crashing at the end of the week!"

Erin Jansen - Personal Trainer

Originally Valued at $150

How The Program Works

New Foundation of Living

Reset your behavioral patterns, clear energetic blocks, and calm your nervous system so that you can leave behind the male-dominated hustle culture and reactivate your natural state of flow. Create a new foundation that nurtures you, empowers you to lead with authenticity, and frees you from burnout and self-imposed limitations.

Limiting Pattern Release

Identify and release your top personal limiting patterns to unlock a new way of living. Achieve true fulfillment and balance by prioritizing what truly matters to you, creating a dynamic where everyone's needs are met and everyone in your life thrives, INCLUDING YOU!

Redefined Success

Discover peace of mind and redefine what success means to you as you ignite your passion and live purposefully. Live a life where you engage authentically and are unbound by traditional expectations, making ease and flow the norm, not the exception.

Originally Valued at $150

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